A message from the Chairman

Published on
April 19, 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of Rowland On Point – a collation of our views on key issues pertaining to the communication industry, business at large and our own company.

In this and future editions, you will see an increasing emphasis on thought leadership regarding digital and data; two key and inter-related disciplines that are becoming increasingly prominent in communication and broader business strategy.

This is very much in keeping with Rowland’s evolved positioning as a “communication, digital and creative agency” which involves the seamless integration of these core disciplines – at both a strategic and execution level. Our new website reflects this.

And while some people may shudder at the concept of harvesting data for varying aspects of business strategy, highlighted by the recent Cambridge Analytica/Facebook controversy – most surely an aberration rather than the norm – no-one can ignore this overwhelmingly positive and constructive business phenomena.

I refer to some comments from a recent article in the Australian Financial Review Boss Magazine (6/3/18) featuring the Australian Managing Partner of McKinsey, John Lydon, who said “”….you can’t turn back the tide, because of the massive productivity gains from better use of data analytics.”

The article states that data already helps a buyer in a department store, or an underwriter at an insurer, or the team developing a new product at a telco and the in-demand skill is for data translators.

There are people who can blend what the analytics say with what the human experience says. Data translators bring people on board to understand how data can transform business and customer decision making and how their processes have to shift to take advantage of this capability. This is what Rowland does and excels at.

Happy reading!