Are charismatic speakers born or made?

Published on
October 28, 2015

Photo source: Chris Wattie/Reuters –

Exhibit No 1 for the former is Justin Trudeau, Canada’s hip young PM-in-waiting. Literally nurtured from early childhood in the corridors of power as son of that nation’s first ‘rock-star’ politician, Pierre Trudeau, Justin has masterfully worked the opportunities offered by social media ‘sound bites’ and his photogenic hair (check out H&K Canada’s special election emojis for all the fun) to secure the nation’s top job. With political campaigns now so tightly scripted, it’s clear his Trudeau-DNA-embedded communication style and charisma has shone through — hopefully supported by some policy smarts — but you can rest assured there was plenty of coaching and preparation behind the scenes to make it all seem so natural.

We can’t all learn to stride the world stage with Trudeau-like confidence, but any of us who need to influence and lead as part of our own jobs can learn a lot from his campaign. It’s long way to the top, but getting there is all about the impact you have on those around you, and how you communicate with them. This New York Times article looks at his image, his ability to put people at their ease, and the role it all played in helping him move back into his childhood home.