Communicates with Influence

Published on
April 24, 2013

Over the years, we’ve heard many business people say, “The leaders in our organisation are technically very competent.”

Their technical skills are not the issue. What brings them undone time and time again are the ‘people’ issues” – or occasions where they need to use their ‘soft skills’ to solve the hard problems.

Communicating with influence is a critical skill, yet very few organisations teach their leaders how to master it. The frequency with which we hear this statement (or ones like it) from our clients is testament to the direct relationship between soft management/communication skills and superior performance.

Effective communication – that which delivers results and effects change – is a skill which, while intuitive for some, needs to be taught to others. Many managers fail to see that communication is more than what they say, but that it’s also about the choices they make regarding the timing and delivery of their message.

What up-skilling do you provide the leaders within your organisation to help them build better relationships, have challenging conversations, and use communication to get the outcome they, and you, want or need?

At Rowland, we offer a ‘Communicating with Influence’ training program to help transform your leaders into more active and capable communicators. Our approach to delivery is grounded in experiential learning techniques where participants learn by doing, and through group discussions, reflections and case studies.

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