Content — we’ve all been schooled

by Melissa Lemberg, Director, Integrated Marketing Communication

Published on
March 9, 2017

For a generation of bingers, we sure are picky. Now, more than ever, quality rules — and its reign has taken control of marketing’s most important tool: content. But not just any content, binge-worthy content.

With its on-demand format and abundance of chatter-inducing content, Netflix has successfully found its way into our private conversations, as well as our not-so-private ones.

But you don’t end up the centre of conversation by chance. So what lessons can Netflix teach us when it comes to content that’s worth talking about?

1. Stay true and keep in touch

You are unique. Your brand is unique and you have a unique story to tell. So get in touch with your inner (brand) voice and share it. Staying true to what you stand for reveals an authenticity that is not only alluring, but super engaging.

A strong brand core also goes a long way to keeping you on a path to quality — if it doesn’t fit with your brand, then it’s not worth sharing.

2. Skinning the cat* i.e. there are many ways

Speaking of sharing, there are many (too many) ways for your audience to get its dose of content. It can be overwhelming. The good news? You don’t have to do it all yourself.

The beauty of the social world is that it is truly social. Thanks to the sharability of content — and the rise of the social influencer — there are now numerous ways for your audience to digest your content. Just because you’re not the one putting it in front of them, doesn’t mean you’re not reaching them.

* no actual cats were harmed in the drafting of this blog post.

3. Be the last one standing

There’s nothing wrong with making a splash or making an announcement with a big bang, but remember to leave something in the tank for the after-burn.

If you’ve got something big in the pipeline, extend that pipeline by planning content to run after your announcement, event or launch. You’ll already have people talking about your brand, so why not give them a reason to keep that conversation going?

4. Give the new kid on the block a go

As communicators, we’ve all had to adapt and shift from the traditional way of doing things. This flexibility and adaptability extends to the workforce, particularly those charged with communication.

Savvy communicators who want to achieve cut-through in a content-driven world understand the need to surround themselves with a diverse team that brings the right balance of strategic understanding, creativity, analytical skills and agility.

So don’t be the organisation that creates 5,000 tweets. Be the one that gets 5,000 people talking. School’s out!