Experience is the new black

by Emily Wood, Director, Organisational Communication

Published on
February 22, 2018

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Engagement has always been a core focus in the career of a communicator. Stakeholder engagement. Employee engagement. Customer engagement. The question is … in today’s fast-paced society where our audiences hold greater power than ever before, is engagement enough?

The term that’s trending is ‘experience’ — specifically Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX).

We recently participated in a webinar by Qualtrics on the CX trends of 2018 to learn more about the “shiny new business principle on the strategic agenda for most organisations”. While industry terminology may have changed, it was great to hear Rowland’s approach to stakeholder engagement continues to stand up.

Two key areas that resonated with our way of working were …

  1. When it comes to analysing customer or employee sentiment, it’s important to consider the full journey or, shall we say, ‘experience’. Measuring satisfaction at a single point or with a focus on a single interaction is not going to give you the full picture. One poor interaction between a customer and an organisation can sour the overall experience, even if all other points of engagement have been positive. So, it’s important that when we want to influence and then measure experience, we consider every step in a customer’s or employee’s journey.
  2. Employees are the ‘face’ of an organisation — the first point of contact. This interaction can be the single most influential component of a customer’s experience, and employee attitude and behaviour can subsequently make or break this experience. For this reason, keeping employees engaged, informed and satisfied is critical. Employees should be an organisation’s most powerful brand ambassadors. However, this power must be respected if an organisation wants to be able to leverage it.

Regardless of how we talk about it — engagement vs experience — the reality is that companies cannot underestimate the importance of effective communication and genuine engagement. Start with your employees, do it well, and the rest should flow.

Photo by Pavan Trikutam on Unsplash