FleishmanHillard Scholarship Award

Published on
April 22, 2013

Marc Joshi is a Group Manager at Rowland and was the 2012 winner of the Rowland/FleishmanHillard Scholarship.

The Scholarship was awarded in recognition of Marc’s commitment to clients and the firm, and in acknowledgment of Rowland’s global affiliation with FleishmanHillard – one of the world’s leading strategic communication firms.

Earlier this year I was privileged to travel to Hong Kong as the recipient of the Rowland/FleishmanHillard Scholarship, to take part in an international conference aimed at sharing best-practice communication strategies.

The conference was conducted by FleishmanHillard – one of the world’s leading strategic communication firms and an associate of Rowland – and brought consultants from across the globe to the emerald harbour city to share insights about communication strategy and tips for bringing a strategy to life through meaningful tactics.

The content of the conference focused on the need to critically map and align corporate, marketing and communication strategies. In turn, strategies must have enough agility to tolerate a shift in business conditions without substantively affecting business goals.

One such example is rise of real-time media.  It’s no longer a new medium, and while its landscape is ever changing, a robust and comprehensive communication strategy must include tactics that use it effectively, and achieve a measurable business outcome.

My visit to Hong Kong also provided me with the opportunity to meet with key members of FleishmanHillard’s Hong Kong office – a true hub for the company’s outreach into Asia.

It was a fantastic week and I thank my hosts for their sincere generosity.

Image: Marc Joshi (second from right) with colleagues from around the globe.