GFC makes for more robust communications

Published on
March 2, 2012

Although Australia has remained fairly insulated from the effects of the recent Global Financial Crisis, many organisations overseas, especially in the US, have not been so lucky.

In a recent visit to several US offices of Rowland’s global affiliate – FleishmanHillard – I saw first-hand how clients are tightening their purse strings and making every communication dollar count.

While communication budgets are tight, one area clients are willing to spend more is pre-campaign research – to ensure stakeholders and messages are well understood, and provide the best chance of campaign success.

Traditional advertising has been hit hard by the GFC and is being replaced with more targeted public relations campaigns that are integrated with broader communication campaigns – reaching multiple stakeholder groups with a lower price tag.

While Australian businesses are hesitant to take up the social media platform, communication practitioners in the US are racing to meet demand for social media strategists.

As a result, a key trend I witnessed in the US is the integration of social media into the majority of communication campaigns and programs.

While Australia has some catching-up to do with regards to the adoption of new media, we can be heartened by the fact clients facing tough financial times are continuing to communicate with their stakeholders. They are just being smarter with their dollars.

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