Hillary Clinton’s logo: the importance of integrated branding strategy

by Pip McConnel-Oats

Published on
July 19, 2016

The crowdsmashing of #Hillary2016 presents some interesting insights for all brands in the digital age.

What we can learn from the criticism of Hillary’s campaign logo is that all brands must have well-managed and carefully thought-out social media strategies in place to deal with the (inevitable) flak storms that accompany anything new.

A year later, and the much-talked about “H” logo has become a footnote in the ongoing campaign materials – instead we see the brand evolve as Hillary’s campaign must also evolve.

The strong, block font and ‘America’s’ colours of red, white and blue are the stand-out design elements carried through many aspects – be it infographics on social media or the homepage of the website. This is not a departure from the initial logo but clever use of recognisable aspects of the brand design.

Nothing happens in isolation, and all the touch points of brand communication must be carefully considered. The essential truth is that a brand doesn’t exist in isolation from all the other aspects of an entity’s identity and communication — they all function as parts in one organic ecosystem.

This is an important reminder that in the age of social media, nothing can remain static. Particularly in a fast-paced election campaign, a brand must be responsive, yet remain true to its identity. Having the ability to evolve will enable a brand to stay relevant.