Why we’re looking forward to a new financial year

by Paris Searson

Published on
June 30, 2016

The financial year closes today on a tumultuous time in finance, politics and the world of communication. From Brexit to the longest Australian Federal election campaign, and one of the most interesting US election campaigns in recent history – we’re witnessing big changes in the world as we understand it today.

Next month Rowland will be undergoing its own big changes. We move into a new head office in Eagle Street, Brisbane next week and will unveil a new brand design along with a new blog.

In July’s blog we will look at the Politics of Brand and how to reinvent your brand positioning in an ever-changing digital marketplace.

With the Federal Election taking place this Saturday, we look back at our exclusive interview with Malcom Turnbull from November 2015.

This interview gives a rare insight from the Prime Minister on his career before politics, his upbringing and some of his personal philosophies.

Make sure you watch this before you hit the polling booth on July 2.