What makes a good podcast, being prepared and getting pimped

by Jennine Small and Marcellina Powell

Published on
June 9, 2017

Four episodes in, Marci and Jennine realise they could be doing more in their attempts to set the podcasting world on fire. Like asking themselves the big questions: What goes into making a good podcast? How do we get people to listen? How do people contact us? (The answer by the way is brandmatters@rowland.com.au)

What they lack in experience they make up for in enthusiasm as they plan to joosh, fluff and pimp ‘Brand Matters’ over the next eight episodes. Could this be… (A) The start of an incredible adventure? (B) Will Marci’s dad ever listen? (C) Will Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb finally file for restraining orders against our ebullient duo?*

In this episode Marci drooled over…

Podcasts that are well produced:
Bang On with Zan Rowe and Myf Warhurst
Conversations with Richard Fidler
Osher Günsberg and his farewell “dream of beautiful things”

‘Master of None’ on Neftlix
‘The People versus OJ Simpson’ on Netflix

Jennine fawned over…

The Truth – Awesome short ‘radio play’ stories recorded insitu
The Adam Buxton Podcast – British comedian (great use of musical ‘interludes’ and great guests)
Outside Podcast – Great use of narration, sound design and story
Lore – Aaron Mankhe

Reading: ‘The Sellout’ by Paul Beatty

‘Casting Jonbenet’ on Netflix
‘Girl Boss’ on Netflix

*The answers to these questions: (A) Your guess is as good as ours (B) Probably not (C) “Marci and Jennine, there are two detectives at the front desk wanting to speak to you.”