What messages do your non-verbal signals convey?

Published on
September 8, 2014

Many people prepare their verbal presentation to ensure it conveys the correct messages, however often overlook their non-verbal communication, which can be just as critical to success when approaching an interview, pitching for a project, or engaging with stakeholders.

Thankfully, Rowland Associate Dr Christiaan Willems has produced an eBook to guide professionals to deliver comfortable, confident, clear and credible presentations.

Chris’s experience in the performing arts and television has enabled him to work with many prominent business executives and established media identities who have commended him on his ability to coach established and emerging professionals.

His new eBook, The Stylised Version of You®, covers many of the concepts presented in Rowland’s professional development training sessions, and is a professional workbook for ‘quick reference’ about the non-verbal aspects of professional communication.

“Whilst it is about the ‘non-verbal’, my definition of non-verbal includes body language as well as other non-verbals such as the physical space, preparation, rehearsal, and performance anxiety; all of which ultimately impact on both the verbal and non-verbal aspects of presenting,” Chris said.

“Working through these chapters will help to enhance your presentation skills and technique, as well as your self-confidence and presence,” he said.

The enhanced version of The Stylised Version of You® is available on the Apple website, and includes embedded videos to guide your learning and bring concepts to life.

The eBook can also be purchased online at Amazon (Australia), Google, or Kobo (US).