On-line and digital reporting

Published on
April 22, 2013

With fewer Australian shareholders opting to receive paper-based annual reports, on-line communication is taking on greater importance for listed companies.

The advent of tablets, phones, ebooks and laptops means more and more people are reading on-line.The Australian Communications and Media Authority recently reported that nearly 50 per cent of Australians read on-line content via their phone. For companies that produce annual reports, the quality of the on-line annual report becomes critical.

An on-line report benefits both the company and investors. For companies, they are a sustainable option and can be more cost effective than producing thousands of paper-based copies. By emailing and linking the annual report to the web site, the company can also access key statistics, such as the number of investors accessing the information, and topics being read.

For investors, the on-line report provides a more interesting and interactive way of accessing the annual report, as it is brought to life through the use of visual tools, such as animation and videos.

So what are the keys to developing an on-line report to showcase your company’s achievements?

  • Content should be optimised to take into account the increasing usage of mobile and tablets.
  • Content must engage your investors and be visually interesting. The more visually stimulating, the more likely investors are to remember your key investment messages.

Put in place the measures to track usage and readership – this will provide you with vital information about how investors are reading your report.