Patriots win Super Bowl on and off field

Published on
February 6, 2017

The biggest game on the sporting calendar, the Super Bowl*, has been decided for another year. To mark the occasion, we too held our own decider — which Super Bowl commercial scored the ultimate touchdown when it came to gaining the all-important cut-through?
Some were politically charged, some were mere teasers to extended online stories and others just left you asking ‘what?!’. No matter which way you looked at it, these advertisers have delivered great Super Bowl ads — not bad considering the diminishing appetite for advertising across commercial broadcasting.

Being British I can’t go past toilet humour so I’d have to go with Febreze’s efforts to engage sports fans in the build up to the half time show by reminding them to spray after their toilet break!
Rob Lovegrove, Head of Digital

I’m giving it to BUSCHHHHH just because I always love the ‘let’s waste the most valuable air time imaginable’ joke. Speaking of which, here’s my favourite from a while back.
Chris Airey, Editor/Animator

Mr Clean — because who doesn’t love a man who cleans!
Rebecca Kowald, Senior Designer

Given the current administration and controversy over ‘the wall’, I can’t go past the delicious irony of Avocados from Mexico. An irreverent and timely plug for something Americans clearly welcome from across the border. #guacamolerevenge
Susan Hawkins, Group Manager — Integrated Marketing Communication

Avacados from Mexico Secret Society is my pick. Love the way it attacks conspiracies and myths with a sense of humour, including a clever #deflategate reference that wouldn’t have been lost on the NFL-mad audience. It’s nice to see a brand sell its healthy message without taking itself too seriously!
Mr Clean also gets a special mention for turning its cheesy ambassador into a sex symbol!
Melissa Lemberg, Director — Integrated Marketing Communication

* We’re sure many will argue with us, but a game that draws 100 million viewers can’t be ignored.