Producer power – agriculture telling its own story

Published on
May 10, 2012

I’ve been in Rockhampton this week for Australia’s national beef exposition – Beef 2012 ( – and attended a great seminar highlighting the importance and influence of Australian farmers and beef producers to tell their positive story about agriculture.

Beef producers from South Dakota, USA Troy & Stacy Hadrick ( shared their own experience and how the use of social media can now help level the playing field and bridge the gap with the world’s increasingly urban population with little understanding of where their food comes from.

The Hadricks currently have approximately 17,000 fans on Facebook and 4000 followers on Twitter. They use social media to help educate consumers about life on the land and provide balance to the sometimes polarised public debate on animal welfare and food safety in the USA.

The forum also heard from Australian beef producers who are using social media to share their positive stories on agriculture including:

The Hadricks reminded the audience that everyone can be an influencer and now have the tools to easily connect with other Australians. He said he felt all producers had a responsibility to be proactive advocates for their agriculture industry.