Public affairs campaigning in the modern era

Published on
April 17, 2012

Today saw Rowland host its first public affairs seminar, Getting Traction: public affairs campaigning in the modern era.

With our participants we looked at how gaining and maintaining public acceptance is integral to the success and longevity of any organisation in an increasingly busy and issues-aware marketplace.

It was also an opportunity to discuss how to avoid the common reputational pitfalls that can cause lasting damage, with insights from experts who have led some of the most successful recent public affairs campaigns.

The dynamism of the contemporary media market means organisations need to be strategic and responsive in the way they manage issues in ‘real time’ and building and maintaining a well-executed public affairs strategy should be at the core of forward planning rather than a last-minute addition when issues arise. It is too important to be a bolt-on solution cobbled together on the run.

If an organisation is on the front foot it is easier to shape conversation when necessary.

We were fortunate to have the seminar facilitated by one of Queensland’s most respected journalist’s, Madonna King and we were joined via a live video link from a senior representative of Rowland’s international affiliate FleishmanHillard – Kathy Baird, Senior Vice President, Integrated Marketing and Communications Group, based in Washington DC.