Queensland Community Foundation

Published on
February 26, 2015

A gift to the Queensland Community Foundation (QCF) lasts forever.

This bold statement encapsulates the true value delivered by the QFC, a perpetual, public charitable trust established in 1997 to improve quality of life in Queensland. Donations and bequests to the QCF are pooled and carefully invested in perpetuity, with the income from those investments distributed to eligible Queensland charities through grants and gifts.

At Rowland, we are proud to support the QCF in a variety of ways. Our Managing Director, Helen Besly is a member of the QCF Board of Governors, and for the past few years we have provided the QCF with communication and creative advice and support for Philanthropy Week.

Philanthropy Week (15-19 June 2015) is a celebration of philanthropy in Queensland, honouring community members and organisations that make outstanding philanthropic contributions. The week also encourages support for charities and community organisations operating throughout the state.

As well as helping QCF prepare for Philanthropy Week, Rowland is also proud to assist with activities including:

  • management of the QCF Facebook page
  • redevelopment and repositioning of communication collateral based on a desktop review of current marketing material
  • design and development of an infographic
  • management of media relations.