Stakeholder engagement in ‘real time’

Published on
April 22, 2013

In an ever-connected world, there is a growing demand for instant communication between stakeholders and business.

As more and more people use their phones to access information, businesses are realising the benefits in using this media to provide timely, tailored information and messages to stakeholders.

This use of mobile devices will only increase, with 1,300 new mobile users and approximately 47,000 app downloads every minute (Intel, 2013).

In March 2012, Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET) faced a significant communication problem after a major arterial road was partly closed due to project-related works. Faced with considerable reputational risk, WICET worked with Rowland to develop an effective channel to communicate details of the project’s work upgrading a section of Gladstone-Mt Larcom Road.

Powered by Rowland, a tailored app for the iPhone, iPad and Android, provided a great solution for WICET.

Developed to reduce reputational risk to the project during the road upgrade, the app is an efficient, real-time communication platform that is widely-accessible to the general public. Since its adoption, the platform has become an important communication asset to WICET, particularly in communicating community-wide impacts.

Developed in-house with valuable input from WICET, Powered by Rowland is a unique tool offering the benefits of real-time technology in communicating with multiple stakeholders, without the reputational risks associated with social media.

Clients can communicate effectively with audiences through a push-notification platform, tailored to the end user’s information requirements. The app achieves targeted engagement by putting the stakeholder in the driver’s seat – allowing individuals to opt-in to feeds of their choice.

Powered by Rowland is adaptable and can be highly tailored to suit individual business and project requirements. It is suitable for member-based organisations, infrastructure projects and large-scale, geographically-dispersed workforces.

The WICET app and Powered by Rowland are available for download via iTunes and Google Play.

iTunes – WICET, Powered by Rowland

Google Play – WICET, Powered by Rowland

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