Rebranding a bank Rowland style

by Pip McConnel-Oats

Published on
August 16, 2016

When you’re given a blank slate in the traditionally conservative banking and finance world and asked to give a bank a whole new visual identity, it’s exciting what can emerge.

We were tasked with developing and implementing an integrated rebranding, communication strategy and campaign for a leading financial services provider in Papua New Guinea, Kina. It had recently acquired a local bank and listed on the PNG Stock Exchange.

After detailed research into competitor brands both locally and abroad, Rowland built Kina a brand that would be a beacon amongst its PNG peers.

We developed a compelling narrative and visual identity for Kina that highlighted the proudly home-grown heritage underlying the brand. Warm, energetic colours were inspired by the country’s vibrant people, flora and fauna. The Kina logo itself draws inspiration from the traditional, woven bilum bag and the patterns of tapa bark cloth. The intertwined strands reflect a two-way partnership between Kina and its customers, converging in the shared purpose of prosperity. The brand positioning “together it’s possible” reinforces a strong future-focussed customer and bank relationship.

Recognising two customer audiences –  Kina’s existing customers and the customers of Maybank PNG – Rowland developed a two-phase communication plan. This separated critical day-one customer information from the more emotive, official brand launch. An integrated marketing communication campaign reflected key messages around Kina’s new financial services offering, home-grown heritage and aspirations for PNG and its people.

This strategic insight helped to minimise customer impact and position the new Kina as a welcoming brand from the outset. It ensured customers were fully supported through the acquisition. The process garnered goodwill and positive customer feedback around the new brand and its key promises to customers.

Since the rebrand, Kina has seen more than 400% growth in fixed term deposits, 33% growth in the number of savings accounts, and has more than tripled its Facebook followers.