Rowland celebrates its coming of age with a brand new image

Published on
May 28, 2013

We’re delighted to launch today Rowland’s new brand – positioning the firm as a leading provider of communication, business advisory and creative services.

Over the past 21 years we’ve evolved and diversified to become one of the country’s most awarded and respected firms with a broad range of services across a wide range of industry sectors. It is now time to refine how we speak about ourselves and how we present our work.

In a highly competitive market with a focus on cost efficiencies and sustainable practices, it is vital that brands differentiate and elevate their business above the competition while ensuring reputations remain firmly intact by aligning with company values.

Underpinning our rebrand process was our own robust strategic framework used to identify brand values as well as the brand essence, personality and promise. Once established these formed the basis of developing a new brand and positioning, that truly reflects our corporate values and vision for the future.

The new brand, designed by our creative team, is a custom designed wordmark with subtle joining of the letterforms to represent our philosophy of integration and collaboration. The letter ‘a’ sits in front of the letter ‘l’ to emphasise the word ‘and’ in our name reinforcing that we work in partnership with our clients and add value at every opportunity.

The four words that form the positioning statement – think. advise. integrate. inspire – reflect the essence of our brand and reinforce our position in the market.

By putting our approach to client work into practice, multiple teams across Rowland came together to collaborate on the rebrand – proving that an integrated approach to brand strategy and development delivers exceptional results.

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