Showcase your company with new LinkedIn updates

by FleishmanHillard Canada

Published on
December 7, 2016

Do you manage your organisation’s LinkedIn company page?

You might have noticed an option to access the new admin experience and thought: “what’s that all about?” Whilst the new admin experience is not yet available to all LinkedIn users, our friends from FleishmanHillard Canada have broken down the new features and offer some valuable advice on how to use them to maximise your brand.

LinkedIn is known as a place for individuals to build their professional reputation, but it’s also a place where businesses can build their reputation. While Company Pages have traditionally been treated like a job board, changes to the layout and the addition of new features are creating an opportunity for organisations and brands to showcase their personality.

The upcoming change has resulted in a more visually friendly interface, allowing for easier navigation that will keep visitors on your page for longer. Content is organised into three main tabs: Overview (previously home), Jobs (previously careers), and Life (new page).

While the new Company Pages are not available to everyone yet, we’ve taken note on how you can use each of the new tabs to build your reputation and brand.

First Impressions – The Overview Page


This is the first page people will see and your chance to make a good first impression. The new pages allow you to have a cover image, so make sure you design one that matches your branding and is the correct size, 1536 x 768 pixels.

Another important element of this page is the About Us section; think of it as your elevator pitch. Make sure it covers the 5Ws of your company, and should be no longer than 200 words. Details about your company such as specialties, affiliates, and your website will be listed below.

For larger companies the new changes allow you to have all your Showcase Company Pages listed on this page. This creates a more consolidated brand image for a diversified company, and greater transparency of your company structure.

Finding the Right Fit – The Jobs Page

The reality is a large number of people will visit your Company Page looking for jobs. This page has been updated with a new tile layout allowing visitors to quickly scan available opportunities. It’s also more personalised, placing jobs that match their skills at the top.

There is also a new addition to this page called Employee Insights, which paints a picture of your workforce. This section graphically depicts the location, seniority level, education, and skills of your employees by pulling data from their LinkedIn profiles. To make sure your company is accurately depicted, ask employees on LinkedIn to keep their profiles up-to-date.


 Winning them Over – The Life Page

The demand for transparency of companies is greater than ever. This tab provides the biggest opportunity to build reputation through showcasing your culture and employees. Here you can give them a sense of the work environment, how you foster employee growth, and highlight your company’s causes. An example of a company using this page well is IBM.

To truly showcase your culture, you should go beyond just words. At the top of this page you can feature a year-in-review or recruitment video to give visitors a sense of company life. There’s also a photo carousel, so go through your archives and pull out the best shots of your offices, employee events, and photos of community work.

On this page there’s also a section called Employee Perspectives that highlight posts published on LinkedIn by your staff. This is a great way to leverage and promote the expertise at your company. Create a publishing schedule to ensure that you’re constantly adding new content to this section.

Lastly, the Culture Insights section creates an overview of the employees at your organisation, graphically displaying the languages they speak and causes they support. Once again this information is collected from LinkedIn data, so make sure your employees are keeping their profiles up-to-date.


Moving Forward

If you already have a Company Page, once the updates are rolled out LinkedIn will automatically transfer the information from your old page to the updated layout. To help you adjust to the change, you’ll be able to toggle between the new and old admin experience until new features are available to everyone.

For those who don’t have a LinkedIn presence it’s a good time to revisit adding this to your social media strategy. LinkedIn isn’t just a great resource for hiring talent; it’s also a powerful tool for enhancing an organisation’s reputation when it comes to CSR, employee initiatives and corporate culture. LinkedIn is used as a key source of information for consumers, media, and stakeholders alike – don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with your audience.

This article first appeared on the FleishmanHillard Canada website.