The art of listening

Published on
April 26, 2012

In his book Ready, Fire, Aim: Avoiding Management by Impulse, management consultant Harry Levinson tackles the merits of considering a series of options rather than the one that is most obvious during the heat of the moment.

Parallels can be drawn with businesses that try to wrestle with an online campaign without listening first and in Rowland’s Social Media public course, we lead participants through listening strategies that ensure your future online content is targeted and will generate cut-through.

Our own strategy roadmap below echoes similar research carried out by McKinsey on the steps in the consumer decision journey. In its latest quarterly updates, McKinsey focus on a monitoring case study involving Gatorade that employs a ‘war room’ mentality within its marketing department to monitor the brand in real-time.

As we explain to our public course participants, the key to successful monitoring comes from looking beyond the trademarks such as the brand names. Consider tracking issues, key online influencers and your broader industry. Map findings and ensure they’re fed back into your ongoing keyword management.