Ergon Energy Annual Reports 2012-2016 - Rowland


In 2012, after a comprehensive brand refresh, Ergon Energy worked with Rowland to deliver a new approach in a benchmark Annual Stakeholder Report. The goal was to achieve a cost-effective document suite for viewing in colour on-screen, and printed in black and white. Five years on, Rowland has just completed Ergon Energy’s latest report, continuing this signature style. Aligning to an ongoing trend for ‘back to basics’ reports, the initial layout design was developed to convey a sense of restraint and austerity, without sacrificing quality and brand purpose.

Rowland’s design has been highly effective, with various layout elements incorporated into subsequent printed and online Ergon documents and materials over the years.

Silver Award, Australasian Reporting Awards 2014 and 2016
Gold Award, Australasian Reporting Awards 2011 and 2012

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