Indue - Rowland

Indue’s strategic planning had identified the opportunity to dramatically grow market share through investment, innovation and a keen focus on emerging markets. To harness this opportunity and successfully deliver its ambitious business strategy, Indue sought Rowland’s assistance to review and subsequently refresh its brand. Rowland has since worked hand-in-hand with Indue to bring the company’s new brand to life through a strategic mix of marketing and communication tools.

“This project has been a real journey of discovery. Rowland worked closely with me and my team to get to the very heart of our brand, which then enabled them to bring it to life in a way we could never have anticipated at the outset.”

Indue CEO, Manuel Garcia

Having helped develop the brand’s promises and personality — and understanding Indue’s vison — Rowland was able to drive a successful influencer campaign, with a focus on digital channels, which helped reinforce Indue’s credentials as an innovator and thought leader.