Kina - Rowland

Papua New Guinea’s leading diversified financial services provider, Kina Group, sought to acquire Maybank PNG, which was to become the centrepiece of the company’s plans to list on both the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and the Port Moresby Stock Exchange with an initial public offering to raise $97 million.

Rowland developed four key work streams – brand development, investor communication, change communication and marketing communication – with project leaders working together and with Kina’s leadership team to ensure maximum integration at every stage.

  • Services:
  • brand analysis
  • brand strategy
  • brand architecture
  • brand positioning
  • brand communication
  • brand development
  • brand design
  • corporate storytelling
  • corporate positioning
  • communication strategy
  • PR
  • media relations
  • financial communication
  • investor relations

Taking inspiration from the interwoven strands of the bilum bag, and from the bold, intertwining patterns of tapa bark cloth, the Kina logo symbol represents the everyday flow and exchange of the Kina currency providing a strong link to the brand name and its origins. It shows the two-way partnership through the intertwined ‘strands’ of bank and customer converging in a shared life purpose of prosperity.