St Vincent's Care Services - Rowland


St Vincent’s Care Services (SVCS) is a leading provider of aged care and retirement services in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

With the introduction of consumer directed care in 2016, the opportunity for older Australians and their families to proactively search and choose a care service most appropriate to them meant providers like SVCS had to reassess how they presented their offer to the market.

The SVCS website previously acted as a brochureware website, offering limited ‘experiential’ information and relied more on historical, corporate content.

Through consultation and critical analysis with Rowland, specifically on Customer Experience, User Experience and User Interface, SVCS was able to map significant new user flows on its website.

Today, the new SVCS website incorporates new features that improve the user experience and flow while capturing additional data on its site users.

Specifically, the introduction of the landing page’s ‘I’m looking for’ feature, funnels users through a means-oriented checklist that offers greater insight to who the primary instigator is for the service as well as the individual themselves.

Using the aggregated information, the web visitor is offered the most appropriate service or facility that best suits the needs.

Since the implementation of the functionality and new user flow, SVCS has reported significant increases in enquiries and an increase in user satisfaction from those visiting the site.