by Emily Wood

Take a hint from Dear Melanoma’s Emma Betts and don’t over-beat your eggs. That’s the secret to a perfect pav.


4 egg whites (absolutely no egg yolk or it won’t fluff up)
1 cup caster sugar
1 teaspoon vinegar
½ teaspoon vanilla essence
1 rounded tablespoon corn flour
Whipping cream
Fruit to decorate



Step 1:
Heat oven to 250 degrees Celsius

Step 2:
Beat egg whites until light and fluffy

Step 3:
Once light and fluffy, add one tablespoon of caster at a time until all sugar is added. Beat until all sugar is dissolved and the mixture is stiff (if you turn the bowl over, the mixture should not fall out)

Step 4:
Beat in vinegar, vanilla and corn flour until just combined

Step 5:
Wet an ovenproof dish and place baking paper over water

Step 6:
Heap mixture onto dish – the mixture will spread as it cooks

Step 7:
Place Pavlova in oven and immediately turn the oven down to 125 degrees

Step 8:
Bake undisturbed for 90 minutes (if you have spread the Pavlova out, you may need to reduce cooking time)

Step 9:
Turn off oven and open door slightly and leave Pavlova in the oven to cool (never remove the Pavlova immediately)

Step 10:
Top with cream and fruit.


Thank you to Emma’s family for allowing us to share her favourite Pavlova recipe.