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How to take social media to the next level

July 27, 2016 – By Melissa Kaplan, Director of Digital and Innovation

The majority of Australians are now on social media. This includes 69 percent of Australian consumers, 48 percent of small and medium Australian businesses, and 79 percent of Australia’s large businesses, according to the latest Sensis report. We spend some of this time on social media talking and engaging with friends, family and strangers. And it has… Read More

Hillary Clinton’s logo: the importance of integrated branding strategy

July 19, 2016 – By Pip McConnel-Oats

The crowdsmashing of #Hillary2016 presents some interesting insights for all brands in the digital age. What we can learn from the criticism of Hillary’s campaign logo is that all brands must have well-managed and carefully thought-out social media strategies in place to deal with the (inevitable) flak storms that accompany anything new. A year later,… Read More